Furality, Inc.

IRS Status: Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization
EIN: 85-2497531
[email protected]

Mailing Address

1060 Woodcock Rd, Ste 128, PMB 96150, Orlando, Florida 32803, USA

Organization Details

Furality Inc. is an all volunteer organization led by a group of dedicated individuals who care about giving back to the community. Our board members are not paid, and as a result, volunteer their time and efforts to the organization as a service to our community.


90% of Furality Inc. spending is directed to programs which provide a forum for attendees to gather to experience, learn, share, and celebrate anthropomorphic arts, and programs that support other charities.

In 2020, Furality Inc. raised $59,495 and spent $671 in Administrative overhead, $2,244 in Fundrasing, and $26,328 on Programs.


  • 2020 Charity Support: SaveAFox Rescue - $5,846
  • Furality Online Xperience: Furality 2000 - $20,482