Code of Conduct

All attendees of Furality Online Xperience events are required to abide by this Code of Conduct.

You should know

Furality Online Xperience, “Furality”, is an online convention taking place within the VRChat virtual reality platform.

All attendees are expected to abide by the Furality Online Xperience Code of Conduct as well as the VRChat Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. This Code of Conduct serves as part of our Terms of Service.

Violation of this code of conduct, or any behavior that causes interference with convention operations or discomfort to attendees of Furality Online Xperience may result in the revocation of registration without any refund at the sole discretion of Furality staff members.

Registration does not guarantee admittance to any specific world instance or event. We will make every effort to stream panels and performances which cannot occur across multiple world instances.

Allowed content and behavior

VRChat is a publicly accessible service and Furality is unable to fully control admission to convention instances or control behavior occurring on the VRChat platform. Furality cannot be held liable for any activity or consequence occurring during the convention, and all attendees must enter at their own risk.

Explicit, lewd, or sexual behavior or discussion is not permitted in convention instances. This includes the use of sexually suggestive or explicit avatars, such as avatars with genital details or bulges.

Assets and content uploaded to VRChat are not secure and may be downloaded or utilized by other players. We recommend you do not use avatars that are for private and/or licensed use only. Furality Online Xperience cannot be held liable for any misuse or compromising of assets uploaded to the VRChat platform or utilized during the convention.

The use of “meme” avatars or avatars with distracting or disruptive sounds, lights, particles, or shaders are strictly prohibited in any convention instances.

Sharing accounts or portal information, or otherwise assisting with enabling attendance of unregistered users is prohibited.

Streaming and recording

By attending Furality Online Xperience and its events, you give consent that your in-game likeness and behavior, including voice, avatar, and username, may be broadcasted (streamed) or recorded by Furality and its attendees. Please keep this in mind throughout the convention and refrain from excessive use of swearing or vulgar language.


Due to the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of utilizing a platform such as VRChat, we recommend those under the age of 18 (minors) do not participate in this convention. Minors must follow the rules set in the VRChat Terms of Use and be monitored by their parent or guardian at all times. Minors must have their parent or guardian register for the convention on their behalf.

Information & Privacy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy


Furality Online Xperience reserves the right to modify or amend this code of conduct at any time, without prior notice or agreement.