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Our Mission

Furality Online Xperience celebrates the VR Furry Fandom

Furality, Inc. is the Florida-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates Furality Online Xperience, the virtual reality furry convention that not only takes place in VR, but celebrates the VR furry fandom.

Our mission is to provide a forum for attendees to gather to experience, learn, share, and celebrate anthropomorphic arts, including performing arts, such as improv and musical performances, as well as visual arts, such as cartoons, sketches, photography, 3D modeling, and digital design.

We also collect donations to the benefit of selected charitable organizations, typically but not exclusively ones associated with animal welfare and/or preservation.

Our Story

In the year 2020 the world was a place of turmoil and isolation. Missing our furry friends and the opportunity to make more, we came upon a method to experience what we missed so dearly. A place where one can not only feel as much like their fursona as possible, but more importantly also join other furries in the furry virtuality, a place known as Furality.

Daltyn and his helpful group of friends set out to create an event that allows everyone to join in on the fun. Together with furries from all over, they invite you to experience Furality for yourself by attending Furality Online Xperience.

Furality Online Xperience 2020

furality 2020 group photo in vrchat

May 22-24, 2020 \\ Website Archive

The first Furality Online Xperience took place May 22-24, 2020 on VRChat.

Though intended to be a small event to test the idea of having a VRChat based furry convention, 2,692 people attended and $8,646.93 was raised for the charity SaveAFox Rescue.

The event was based on a Retro / Cyberpunk theme and featured panels, meetups, and dances.

Furality 2000

furality 2000 group photo in vrchat

Nov 6-8, 2020 \\ Website Archive

Furality 2000 was our second convention and occurred Nov 6-8, 2020.

This was the first event operated by the newly formed Furality, Inc., and with an Event Partnership with VRChat.

3,120 people attended and $5,846 was raised for the charity SaveAFox Rescue.

The event was based on a Y2K Aesthetic theme and featured panels, workshops, meetups, dances, an art gallery, and a Dealer's Den.

Furality Luma

furality luma group photo in vrchat

Jun 4-6, 2021 \\ Website Archive

Furality Luma was our third convention and occurred June 4th-6th, 2021.

Our most ambitious project yet, five beautiful Luma themed worlds were brought to life by a full team of artists. At the closing, Furality Online Xperience became the third most attended furry event in the world.

6,829 people attended and $14,649 was raised for the charity SaveAFox Rescue.

Furality Luma took place in a bioluminescent forest full of magical crystals and glowing plants, where magic and nature unite to create an environment best seen by its own light.

Furality Legends

furality legends group photo in vrchat

Nov 5-7, 2021 \\ Website Archive

Furality Legends was our fourth convention and occurred November 5th-7th, 2021.

9,024 people attended and $14,976 was raised for the charity SaveAFox Rescue.

Furality Legends took place in Legend City, where courageous heroes and sinister villains alike come together in a comic book-inspired weekend of fun.

Furality Aqua

furality aqua logo

Jun 17-19, 2022 \\ Website Archive

Furality Aqua was our fifth convention and occurred June 17th-19th, 2022.

15,079 people attended and $22,638 was raised for the charity SaveAFox Rescue. As of close of registration, Furality Aqua became the most attended furry event to be attended by the furry fandom. Much like Furality Luma, Furality Aqua featured 5 uniquely themed worlds created specifically for Furality Aqua with the help of a talented creative team. These uniquely themed worlds included a dealer’s den, a meetup space, a lobby area, a panel world, and Club F.Y.N.N.

Furality Aqua took place in the bioluminescent oceans of Luma overlooked by the beacon shining its aurora on the citizens of the ocean. The Oceans of Luma was where magic and nature came together to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Furality Luma Festival

furality luma festival logo

Feb 17-18, 2023 \\ Website Archive

Furality Luma Festival took place February 17th-18th, 2023, and was a smaller-scale event that helped raise funds to support the development of our upcoming full-scale convention, Furality Sylva.

In total, 11,806 attendees attended and celebrated the magic of the Luma Forest at scenic Luma Falls. Furality Luma Festival featured a full lineup of musical performers, non-stop meetups, and our first-ever avatar showcase highlighting the VR furry fandom's latest and greatest work.